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Residential & Commercial Skylight Products

Flat Glass Velux Replacement Skylight

Glass Skylights

Modern-day glass skylights are equipped with the latest glazing technologies like LoE coatings and trapped argon gas to maximize energy efficiency.  They block over 99% of harmful UV rays while still letting in an abundance of light.  We carry a variety of glass skylights;

  • Velux brand skylights
  • Large Custom Glass Skylights
  • Solar and Electrically Operable Skylights

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Dome Skylights

Dome skylights are designed for flat roofs to help water run-off and prevent ponding.  The lenses are made of acrylic and are common in clear, white, and bronze colors.

  • We stock a variety of standard sized domes in various colors.
  • We can have any size dome made to meet your specific needs. Custom sizes carry a 1-2 week lead time for fabrication.

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Solar Tube / Sun Tunnel

Tubular Skylights make excellent alternatives to traditional skylights when space is limited.  They work by bringing light through a lens on top of the roof down through reflective metal tubing and into your home.

  • Solar tubes come in 2 sizes; 10″ and 14″.
  • OC Skylights stocks Velux brand Sun Tunnels in both the 10″ and 14″.
  • New sun tunnel installations are roughly half the cost of a traditional skylight.

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Residential & Commercial Skylight Services

Commercial glass skylights

Commercial + Industrial Skylights

Orange County Skylights also specializes in repair, replacement, and installation of skylights in commercial office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial warehouses.

  • We work directly with General Contractors and Architects, providing highly competitive pricing on material & installation for any new build projects or remodels.
  • Service & maintenance contracts for Property Management Companies & Facilities Management.
  • Resealing and waterproofing large custom glass skylights.

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Professional working on a New skylight opening

Skylight Repair/Replacement

Many homes in Orange County have skylights that are old and in need of repair or replacement. Aging skylights can have lots of problems; water leaks, dust and debris getting inside your home, cracked glass, broken acrylic domes, etc.

  • Resealing leaking skylights and 24-hour emergency tarping services.
  • Replacing cracked glass and dome skylights.
  • Roof and curb repair.
  • Skylight motor repair.
  • Ask about our Velux Replacement Program!

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Contractor installing a new frame for skylight curb

New Skylight Installations

Did you know skylights bring up to 4 times as much light into your home when compared to traditional vertical windows? Year-long sunshine, warm climate, and minimal rainfall make Orange County an ideal location to install a new skylight into your home.

  • New Velux Skylight and Sun Tunnel installation.
  • Large custom glass skylight installation.
  • Remote operated solar venting skylights and solar skylight blinds.
  • All Velux solar venting skylights and solar blinds are eligible for a 30% tax rebate.

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Replace your problem Skylight in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Call 949-432-3103 

If you have a leaking skylight or broken dome and you live in Orange County then pick up the phone and call one of our skylight specialists today. We can give ballpark pricing for replacements and repairs but typically an in-home consultation is needed to properly quote a project.

Step 2: Consultation

Skylights of Orange County will dispatch a technician to come to your home to take measurements of your existing skylight and inspect the curb, flashing system and surrounding roof. Then we can provide you with a quote for a brand new skylight and the best long term solution.

Step 3: Installation

If the skylight or solar tube is in stock, it can be installed immediately. If the replacement skylight is a custom size, the skylight will be placed on order and an installation date will be scheduled for when it arrives. Most skylight replacement installations take anywhere from 1-4 hours to ensure everything is water-tight.  You’ll be left with a new, leak-free, skylight with a full waterproof guarantee warranty!

Waterproof leakproof guarantee
OC Custom Glass Hip Ridge Skylight

Why use Orange County Skylights?

Skylights are a specialty trade in the construction industry and it takes years of hands on experience to properly diagnose and fix a leaky or problematic skylight. Hiring a handyman to cover everything in tar and put band-aids on a leaking skylight is not a long term solution. Our trained technicians have installed thousands of skylights in Orange County over the years and know exactly how to get the job done right!

Inherit a Leaking Skylight?

Are you an Orange County resident that just bought a home with a leaky or troublesome skylight? Or do you manage an office or apartment building and one of your tenants needs a skylight repaired or replaced? We work directly with real estate agents and property management companies  and can provide 24-HR emergency response time for emergency skylight leaks and repairs. 100% craftsmanship work we fully Guarantee!

All Solar Powered Venting Skylights and solar products are eligible for a 30% Tax Rebate