Glass Skylights

Glass Skylights are the most popular skylights in Southern California because of their energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. For small glass skylights 6′ and under, we recommend Velux Skylights for 3 reasons:

1. Quality – Velux glass is 5/8″ thick dual-laminated with a LoE3 coating that blocks 99% of UV light. California earthquake codes require laminated glass for all residential and commercial skylights.

2. Lead Times – Orange County Skylights stocks a variety of Velux standard sized skylights. For custom-sizes that are not stocked, the lead time is between 4-5 weeks. For more information on Velux standard sizes and how to properly measure your skylight, click HERE.

3. Options and Accessories – Velux offers all the bells and whistles to make your skylight do more! Solar Powered Venting Skylights and Manual Venting options allow you to open your skylight and circulate the hot air trapped in your home. Choose manual blinds or solar powered blinds operated with a touchscreen remote to control how much light and when you want it to shine through.

Custom pyramid skylight with black frame

If a skylight is larger than 6′ x 4′, then it would be considered a Custom Skylight. Custom Skylights come in different shapes and configurations and use high-performance glass that’s over 1″ thick for maximum energy efficiency. Orange County Skylights replaces and installs new modern custom skylights made from high quality manufacturers located in Southern California like Lane-Aire and Kingspan (formerly Bristolite) in Santa Ana.

To learn more about large custom skylights, click HERE.

Full warranties with a 100% waterproof guarantee!

Waterproof leakproof guarantee