New Skylight Installations

Abundant sunshine, with comfortable temperatures year-round, and very little rainfall make Orange County an ideal location to put a skylight into your home.

​Take advantage of huge deals Orange County Skylights is currently offering on the following installation services;

  • New Velux Skylight Installations
  • Large Custom Skylight Installations
  • Solar Venting Skylights/Blinds

​Did you know that skylights add as much as 4 times the amount of light into your home as compared to traditional vertical windows?

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5 Key Factors of Skylight Installation

1. The Location – Determining the location of the skylight is dependent upon the framing of your home. Some structural roof beams are critical in the support of your home and cannot be cut to fit a skylight. Sometimes this can affect the placement of a skylight in a room, not allowing it to be centered. It’s impossible to know whether a skylight can fit in a room or home until a technician has come out for a consultation and inspected the attic and framing of your house.

2. The Roof – The type of roof you have can effect the installation of a skylight from design, lead times, and even the price. The pitch is the first thing to consider; is my roof flat or pitched? Flat roofs need skylights that are designed with a pitch to help water runoff and steep roofs bring additional costs associated with safety precautions like scaffolding and increased man-power. Your roof type can also effect the price of a project. Having to cut and notch decorative Spanish tile is far more time consuming than asphalt shingles.

3. The Ceiling – What kind of ceiling do you have? Drywall or Plaster? Is it flat or a cathedral ceiling? Is there attic space above the room? These are all important factors to consider when installing a skylight. A cathedral ceiling with a tongue and groove roof deck and exposed beams is a lot simpler to install a skylight in than a room with drywall or plaster walls and with attic space above.

4. The Size – What size skylight is right for my home? This depends on several factors like how big your room is and how much light you want to let in. A simple rule to follow is the larger the skylight, the more light it lets in. Small rooms like a walk-in closet or pantry can be sufficiently lit with a solar tube while larger/darker rooms need a traditional skylight. Other factors like the space between ceiling and roof rafters can help us determine the right sized skylight to custom fit in your home.

5. The Skylight – What kind of skylight do you want? The size and the pitch of your roof help give us parameters but there are still important design options to choose from. Do you want a glass skylight where you can look out and see the sky or a dome with an opaque finish that diffuses the light? If energy efficiency is a concern then you can select high-end glass with a tint that blocks UV light or select a venting skylight to help circulate hot air trapped in your ceiling. Velux also offers a full line of blinds and skylight accessories!

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