Glass Skylights

Many homes in Orange County have skylights that are old and in need of replacing/repairing. ​We are a Velux Skylight Dealer OC Skylights performs the following skylight repairs in Orange County;

  • Resealing Leaking Skylights
  • Replacing Cracked Glass
  • Curb and Roof Repairs
  • Skylight Motor Repairs
  • Emergency Tarping

​Can my skylight be repaired?

This is a common skylight question and a lot of it depends on 3 important factors;

1. The type of skylight

2. The age of the skylight

3. The problems with the skylight​

Velux 2x4 skylight service

3 main benefits of glass skylights over acrylic domes:

If you live in Orange County and have an old dome skylight that needs to be replaced, why not look at switching to a new glass skylight by Velux!  Instead of looking up at a dull opaque piece of plastic you can enjoy a direct view of the sky through modern skylight glass.  Here are the 3 main benefits of glass skylights over acrylic domes:

1. Aesthetics – A clear view of the sky and a more appealing skylight both from the inside and out as well as additional light that will brighten up your home even more!  Velux also offers accessories like blinds and venting options to customize your skylight and make it do more for you!

2. Energy Efficiency & UV Protection – Modern skylight glazing that Velux uses blocks 99.7% of UV light and will improve energy efficiency by blocking heat from entering your home.  Velux glass has the LoE3 coating between dual-laminated glass to prevent fading to the interior of your home.

3. Durability – Glass skylights in general will last longer than a dome skylight.  Around 10 years the acrylic starts to fade and become brittle due to the elements and the UV light and little cracks start forming.  The lifespan of glass skylight is somewhere around 20 years before it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Full warranties with a 100% waterproof guarantee!

Waterproof leakproof guarantee